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Interview with illustrator Alexandra Cook

July 23, 2014 |

We recently completed a limited edition run of these quirky 54mm badges for London based illustrator Alexandra Cook.

We loved her style so much, we decided to catch up with her and ask her about her work and inspirations.

Q. We love your designs – they’re really playful. Are they inspired by anyone or anything in real life?

Thank you! I get inspiration from all sorts of things. I like to think that I’m still a bit of a child at heart which I believe is important to keep that essence of playfulness in my work. I enjoy collecting children’s books and some novelty toy items but mainly I take inspiration from what’s around me, nature, animals, architecture. Anything I take joy in looking at tends to transcribe into my work quite literally.

Q. A lot of your drawings are done in felt-tip, is this to add to the childlike, playfulness of the style?

I guess so, yes! It was never something that I started doing with a particular intention but it definitely helps to add that element to my work. Felt pens was a medium I always enjoyed when I was younger too and I guess as the saying goes, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”! Plus it’s so easy to get wonderfully bright colours in felt pens.

Q. Are all of your drawings free-hand? Or do they go through a digital process?

Essentially everything I do is definitely free-hand. I use computers for the bare minimums like altering and fixing the colours after scanning. However sometimes the easiest way for me to work is to draw my ideas in sections (for example characters and backgrounds) and piece them together on Photoshop like a puzzle.

Cool for Cats Badges

Q. Which artists are you influenced by?

This is always a toughie to answer as it really depends on my mood or a certain project I may be working on. I love looking at others work and there are so many amazing artists, it’s so hard to choose! If I had to choose a couple off the top of my head I would say Oliver Jeffers for his wit and simplicity, Alexander Calder for his minimalism and shapes and Jon Klassen for his nostalgic qualities.

Q. You’ve got quite a few projects going on at the moment. Do you have any rituals to help motivate yourself before you start drawing?

Sleep well, be positive, and tidy my workspace! Nice and simple but it works for me.

Q. Tea lover or coffee drinker?

Definitely tea but never milk or sugar. I’m a big fan of Asian teas and earl grey.

Q. Which three art materials couldn’t you live without?

My black fine liners, my felt pens and paper of course!