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Simoney Badges

New Look – Button Badge Key Rings!

March 14, 2013 |

All I can say is WOW! The new Simoney website is freaking awesome man! Love the Enamel Key Rings, Erica…but did you see they convert Button Badges into keyrings or key chains AND make Button Badge Zip Pulls? These options are easy on the budget and are really popular. What a great way to get […]

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New Look – Enamal Badge Key Rings!

March 13, 2013 |

Wow! Great looking site. I love it! And did anyone notice that you can get all the Enamel Badges supplied with keyring fixings. Marketing says that a keyring is one of the most popular gifts and incentives available and now you can get an Enamel Badge Keyring. Fabulous! I am going to be one busy […]

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Christmas Concerts at Tatton Park 13 – 15 December 2012

December 10, 2012 |

Ed Secutive here…It’s that time of the year. I’m going early so I can enjoy the Dickensian themed Christmas Mansion and walk around the staterooms and enjoy a wonderfully warm winter drink before 8pm concert…Music, hot drinks, Christmas decorations…THIS is my chocolate, Erica! And no Larry…I’m just not going to wear my lanyard… I will […]

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Christmas Market and Ice Skating at Winchester Cathedral to December 23

December 08, 2012 |

Okay, that’s it. I’m digging out the ice skates from the back of the closet and headed to the Christmas market. Why don’t we all go? It just isn’t Christmas until I’ve had a chance to fall on my …well, until I’ve fallen on the ice. Bring your lanyards so your hands are free to […]

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Chocolate Festival December 7-9

December 06, 2012 |

It’s Erica here. Ready to dive in and eat my weight in yummy chocolate at the Chocolate Festival at Southbank Centre. Larry, I want you to know, I’m wearing the lanyard so all my money and ID will be safetly stowed and I’ll have both hands free…

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Lincoln Christmas Market 6-9 December 2012

December 05, 2012 |

Pam Plastic weighing in on the Christmas festivaties. While the chocolate sounds great…I’m going SHOPPING! There are 250 vendor stalls I haven’t seen yet. And, well…there’s probably chocolate at one of them. And the lanyard will be around my neck, so I can carry all those packages…

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Categories: Blog, Enamel Badges, Lanyards

Erotica Winter Ball 2012: 24th November – London

November 21, 2012 |

Wow. I think this is on my list of must do’s this year. How about you? There will be Fantasy Themed Rooms to Explore, Performance Stage & Pole Dancing Podiums, Erotic & Burlesque Performances, Sexy Electro House, Dirty R n B, Dungeon & Playroom, Play Equipment and Erotic cinema, and so much more. Alot of […]

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Event Name Badge Etiquette – Tip 14

November 14, 2012 |

Erica here with one more thought. Anyone who knows me will appreciate that I like to be different, I like to stand out. However, placing nametags straight and in plain view, and never letting them be worn crooked, sideways or upside down…is the way to go. Having your name badge all wonky sends a negative […]

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Categories: Blog, Enamel Badges, Executive Name Badges, Name Badges

Event Name Badge Etiquette – Tip 13

November 12, 2012 |

Ed back with one more thought on wearing your name badge at events… Many companies require the staff to wear name badges for instant identification purposes at events. In this case, it’s customary to wear such badges on the left shoulder, which would immediately distinguish you from those participating in the event if they are […]

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Categories: Blog, Enamel Badges, Executive Name Badges, Name Badges

Event Name Badge Etiquette – Tip 11

November 08, 2012 |

Erica Enamel here to give my thoughts on the etiquette for name badges at events. Think about how you greet people. As you extend your right hand for a handshake, your eye and arm are already being drawn to the right side of the person you are greeting. Again, having the badge on your upper […]

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Categories: Blog, Enamel Badges, Executive Name Badges, Name Badges

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