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    Our promises to you

    Your call will always be answered within 2 rings by an actual person who can help.

    You will always work with a happy and friendly member of our team.

    You will be listened to.

    You will receive advice where necessary and only of benefit to you.

    With our assistance we will help you make the right purchasing decisions based upon your requirements.

    You will have a personal and individual experience.

    We will be a fun and creative hub where people want to give their best for you.

    We will constantly learn, train and educate ourselves to be your true experts in all things personalised, printed and branded.

    We will continue to implement technology to maximise our efficiency but without compromising our personal touch.

    You, as a customer, have the power to change the shape of any industry you deal with. Help Simoney make the promotional industry the best it can be and join our league of fans!