Heatwave Cups

    Our Heatwave Cups are printed in vibrant process inks, which are all specialised to be food safe and odourless.


    We also use the highest resolution we can to make the images on your personalised paper cup appear professional, flawless and a display of the highest quality that your business can be proud of.


    Available in runs of 50,000+ units, they feature a corrugated paper, fully branded wrap which provides a premium brand presentation.


    Increased speed and cost efficiency: no need for a separate sleeve or double cupping.They provide a more comfortable experience in the customer's hand.


    Perfect for extremely hot beverages such as Black Tea or Mulled Wine.


    Available Size: 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz


    Please contact our friendly team for your unique and/or personalised design and quote on 020 8547 0011 or email